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Best Pet Hair Vacuums in NZ (2024)

We compare the prices, features and user reviews for the 17 best pet hair vacuums in New Zealand including stick, bagless and robot vacuum cleaners.
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Updated May 06 2024
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Whether you're a proud owner of a single pet or live in a household with multiple furry friends, having one of the best vacuums for pet hair can be a game-changer. As pet owners ourselves, we understand the challenges of dealing with shedding and the stubborn suction of pet hair. Not all vacuum cleaners are created equal, and many can quickly become clogged when attempting to clean your pet's bedding – far from ideal and downright annoying.

If you're currently in the market for a new pet vacuum, whether it's a cordless option, stick or a bagless model, you've landed in the right place.

In addition to providing detailed product specifications and descriptions, we've also included user ratings from real people who have used these pet vacuums.
1. We analyzed user reviews from Feefo.com
2. We tested the pet vacuums we could get our hands on and when it wasn't possible we used tech experts from YouTube
3. We read other tech comparison sites to get extra expert opinions about the NZ pet hair vacuums we chose

Best Stick Vacuums for Pet Hair NZ (2024)

  1. Wertheim Evolution - $799
  2. Tineco Pure One S12 Platinium - $1199
  3. Wertheim Evolution MAX - $999
  4. Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 PRO - $999
  5. Tineco Pure One S11 - $699
  6. Hoover ONEPWR™ Evolve Upright - $599
  7. Electrolux WELL Q7 Animal - $499
  8. i-Vac Ultra Pets Plus S30 - $349
  9. i-Vac Animal S50 - $299
  10. Sauber Technic - $349

Wertheim Evolution Stick

Jacquie Watson - February 2024
Werheim stick vacuum. Strong, lightweight, no need to hold the on off button on all the time, easy to empty, turbo button within fingertip reach, really good design. Neat little charger station. So easy to take it up and down stairs. It's good. Equal to those expensive name brands. Highly recommend

Judith Harvey - December 2023
I like the Wertheim - good gutsy suction and great price. I also like the attachment which works well for small places. Not having to have a wall mount is also an advantage as I like the free standing mount.

Trusted Customer - December 2022
I bought this to replace my corded Shark stick vac because I wanted something that was cordless. The Wertheim vacuums very well, although the head doesn't get into the corners and along skirting boards as well as the Shark does. The attachments that come with the Wertheim are excellent, and I love that it comes with 2 batteries so you don't have to worry about power running out. I only need to vacuum a small space (living and dining room) and its mainly floorboards and rugs, so the power usage is less and I don't even use a full battery. You can hear the vacuum using more power when you change to carpet or rugs, so if you have a home that is all carpet, then you might end up using both batteries or even running out of power. I vacuum for around 15-20 mins using less than one battery worth of power. Overall, it's a great vacuum so far, I love the stand that comes with it which makes storing all the attachments super easy.
Enjoy up to 50 minutes of uninterrupted suction with this cordless stick vacuum. The Wertheim Evolution Stick Vacuum Cleaner effortlessly converts into a handy handheld vacuum and comes equipped with a mini motorized pet brush for upholstery cleaning. It features a HEPA filter for effective allergen control and a continuous trigger for a more user-friendly cleaning experience.
Key Features:
  • Runtime of up to 50 minutes with two rechargeable lithium batteries
  • Digital brushless motor utilizing cyclone technology
  • Boost mode for increased suction strength during heavy-duty cleaning
  • HEPA filter to effectively capture dirt, dust, and allergens
  • Charging stand that conveniently stores and charges the stick vacuum simultaneously
  • Easy transformation into a hand vacuum for cleaning tight spaces
  • Continuous trigger mode for a hands-free cleaning experience.
Capacity (l)0.6
Runtime Upto (mins)50
Machine Weight (kg)2.7
HEPA FilterYes
SurfaceCarpet, Hard Floors, Upholstery

Tineco PURE ONE S12 Platinum Cordless Stick

Lauren - January 2024
Love this vacuum. With pets in the house I need to vacuum daily and this product makes it quick and easy. Would be good if the dust catcher was little bigger but perhaps that would make it heavier. Collects heaps of dust and is much quieter than our old Dyson stick vscuum

Jenna Sullivan - December 2023
Love it! Dual battery is really handy if you're short on time and I love the filter cleaner. The vacuum tells you what it needs, perfect!

Derryn Orlando - November 2023
Absolutely crazy how much this thing picks up. Most vacuums rely on brute force, this one uses suction appropriate to the task. It does an amazing job and the battery is long enough for me to do the whole how and then some.
Introducing the next generation of intelligent, cordless cleaning convenience – the Tineco PURE ONE S12 Platinum Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. This innovative vacuum is equipped with an iLoop™ Dust Sensor that dynamically adjusts its suction power, ensuring optimal performance in real-time. The direct drive LED power brush, featuring a high-torque motor, delivers a thorough and deep clean. Enjoy up to 100 minutes of continuous, high-power suction, thanks to the inclusion of two batteries.
Key Features:
  • iLoop™ Dust Sensor that automatically adjusts suction power
  • All-in-one LED touch display for monitoring battery, filter, capacity, and power status
  • Direct drive LED power brush with a high-torque motor for a comprehensive clean
  • Runtime of up to 100 minutes with two rechargeable batteries
  • Ten premium accessories included for thorough top-to-bottom cleaning.
Capacity (l)0.6
Wattage (W)500
Warranty2 years
Runtime Upto (mins)100 minutes (using both batteries)
Noise Level (db)71
Machine Weight (kg)2.9
HEPA FilterYes
SurfaceCarpet, Hard Floors, Stairs, Tiles, Upholstery

Wertheim Evolution MAX Stick

Mary 1990 - January 2024
Luv my Wertheim Evolution MAX Stick Vacuum Cleaner big fan for many years of Wertheim, Easy to use if I had to fault anything is that the battery doesnt charge automatically when on the dock you have to plug in the charger. You are not able to put it on the wall so it has to sit free standing. But this my personal gripe the machine itself is excellent.

Kate Welch - December 2023
Brilliant vacuum. Easy to assemble. Great suction and much quieter than my previous vacuum. Only wish I had bought it sooner. So easier to use and lightweight.

Andrew Grayndler - October 2022
Coming from a Dyson, this vacuum is comprehensively better in every aspect. The amount of useful tools you get. The robust build quality and the clever little details to functionality make using this stick vac an absolute joy.
The Wertheim Evolution MAX Stick Vacuum Cleaner is meticulously crafted to deliver superior performance and power. It comes equipped with both a hard floor and combination power head, ensuring effective pickup of dust, dirt, and pet hair on various floor types. With a runtime of up to 100 minutes across two rechargeable batteries, this next-generation stick vacuum provides extended cleaning capabilities. Additionally, it effortlessly converts into a hand vacuum and features a dust sensor for precise suction control. The vacuum includes six premium accessories for a comprehensive top-to-bottom clean, and its power heads boast ball bearing wheels for a quieter cleaning experience.
Key Features:
  • Combination power head with an agitating roller brush for lifting carpet fibers and removing dirt, dust, debris, and hair
  • Hard floor power head with a rotating soft brush roller to pick up fine dust, hair, and larger debris
  • Ball bearing caster wheels on the power head contribute to a quieter cleaning process
  • Dust sensor that regulates suction power levels
  • HEPA 13 filter capable of trapping up to 99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Up to 100 minutes of runtime across two lithium-ion batteries in low mode
  • Brushless motor for enhanced durability and longevity
  • Six premium accessories included for versatile cleaning applications.
Capacity (l)0.5
Wattage (W)280W
Warranty2 years
Runtime Upto (mins)100
HEPA FilterYes
SurfaceCarpet, Hard Floors, Rugs, Stairs, Tiles

Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 PRO Stick

Trusted Customer - April 2022
Love it, does everything it claims. I bought this after reading lots of reviews on different hard floor cleaners and I wanted a cordless that wasn't toothless. The Tineco is to replace a corded Bissell that I have since given to my daughter and I would recommend the Tineco hands down.
Cleaning the floor is so easy and it does such a good job, it's very impressive. When it went through it's self cleaning cycle I was very surprised because of the thorough job it did not just a token splash of water around the roller. First time I used it the dirt indicator went red on most wall edges but now doesn't come on all though I do have to admit I use it 2 to 3 times a week. Why not though it's just as easy as vacuuming.

Brooke Esplin - September 2022
Love it however some harder spots sometimes don’t come up.. plus if you have kids and there’s a bit more chunky stuff like chips you have to sweep up first.

Terry Cartlidge - July 2022
Great machine and easy to use. Does a fantastic job of the wooden floor.
The Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 PRO Hard Floor Cleaner offers the convenience of vacuuming and washing your floors simultaneously, leaving them clean, dry, and streak-free within minutes. Its superior edge brush design ensures thorough cleaning right up to the edge of rooms, leaving no spot untouched. With larger tank capacities, you can clean for extended periods without interruptions, and the LCD display provides real-time updates on battery life, suction levels, and more.
Key Features:
  • Simultaneous vacuuming and washing for efficient floor cleaning
  • LCD display with vivid 3D animation for easy monitoring and guidance
  • iLoop™ Smart Sensor detects dust, automatically adjusting water flow and suction power
  • Three suction modes for versatile cleaning
  • HEPA filtration captures dust, improving air quality
  • Self-cleaning system for the roller brush and dirty water channel at the touch of a button
  • Edge-brush design for effective cleaning against walls and in corners

Note: It is recommended to use only the Tineco Deodorising & Cleaning Solution, as using unapproved chemicals or solutions can damage the machine and void the manufacturer's warranty.
ModelS5 PRO
Warranty2 years
Runtime Upto (mins)35
HEPA FilterYes
SurfaceHard Floors

Tineco Pure One S11 Stick

Amarjot Kaur Dhaliwal - January 2024
Loving my new vacuum cleaner, so easy to clean the stairs and carpet. Even cleaning tiled floor. Loving it.

YVONNE CLYDE - July 2023
Very easy to use. Great suction and light weight

Anonymous - December 2021
Was a bit doubtful about a rechargeable vacuum cleaner as we have a rather large house and I didn't think the battery would last for the whole house, but I was wrong. It is so much quicker than with a corded cleaner. And suction is excellent.
The Tineco PURE ONE S11 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner introduces smart sensor technology to elevate the performance of a high-powered stick vacuum, offering a cutting-edge and intelligent cleaning experience. Featuring the groundbreaking iLoop™ Dust Sensor, the PURE ONE S11 identifies unseen dust, hair, and pollen, adjusting suction power accordingly. A fully-sealed, four-stage filtration system captures minuscule dust particles, enhancing air quality in your home. The comprehensive all-in-one LED display provides crucial cleaning information, including dust volume, malfunction alerts, and Wi-Fi connection status, enabling instantaneous monitoring of cleaning progress.
Key Features:
  • iLoop™ Dust Sensor detects dirt and adjusts suction power automatically
  • Smart battery management for an extended runtime of up to 40 minutes
  • Smart LED display monitors dust volume, Wi-Fi connection status, and cleaning progress
  • Fully-sealed, four-stage HEPA filtration captures tiny dust particles, improving air quality
  • Easy conversion to a handheld vacuum for versatile cleaning
  • Mini power brush adeptly lifts pet hair and embedded dust
  • Ingenious filter cleaning tool ensures consistent suction maintenance
  • Smart app integration for real-time updates via the Tineco app
SKU 14120155
Brand Tineco
Model Pure One S11
Capacity (l) 0.600
Wattage (W) 450
Voltage 21.6
Warranty 2 years
Runtime up to 40 min
Noise Level 72 db
Weight 2.9 kg
Cordless Yes
HEPA Filter Yes
Lightweight No

Hoover ONEPWR™ Evolve Upright Stick

Trusted Customer - August 2022
It stands alone while you shift furniture and has a big battery and works well.

Trusted Customer - July 2022
Met our requirements xxxxxx
The Hoover ONEPWR™ Evolve Upright Vacuum Cleaner, part of Hoover's innovative ONEPWR™ series, is specifically designed for pet-friendly cleaning. It incorporates Power Vortex Suction™ to effectively lift deeply embedded hair, dirt, and dust. The anti-microbial brush roll prevents the growth of odour-causing bacteria. With convenient multi-surface cleaning modes, you can seamlessly transition between hard floors and carpets. The vacuum features a generous 1L dust capacity, allowing for extended cleaning sessions.
The powerful lithium-ion battery included with the Hoover ONEPWR™ Evolve is interchangeable among all three cleaners in the ONEPWR™ range.
Please note that the Hoover® trademark is a registered trade mark of Techtronic Cordless GP and is used under licence.
Key features:

  • The robust lithium-ion battery can be swapped seamlessly among all ONEPWR™ vacuum cleaners.
  • Power Vortex Suction™ effortlessly lifts hair, dirt, and dust deeply embedded in surfaces.
  • The antimicrobial brush roll actively hinders the development of bacteria causing odors.
  • Convenient multi-surface cleaning modes facilitate smooth transitions between carpet and hard floors.
  • With a generous 1L dust capacity, extended cleaning sessions are accommodated without frequent emptying.
Capacity (l)1
Warranty3 years
Runtime Upto (mins)Up to 35 Minutes
HEPA FilterNo
SurfaceCarpet, Hard Floors

Electrolux WELL Q7 Animal Stick

Angela Richards - November 2021
The Q7 suction is pretty good. Love the light you can see what you missed. Easy to empty. The pet hair head is great.

Kathleen Ann Noonan - September 2023
These vacuum cleaners always have a weak point but I know how to compensate for this. Keeping the collection piece on when returning into the stick is not always reliable.

Jenny 98 - August 2022
This vacuum does everything I need it to do having 3 pets it makes life so easy and fur free. Great suction and battery lasts long enough to clean a 3 bedroom house. I also love the onboard accessories and it’s also lightweight which is a bonus.
The WELL Q7 Animal Stick Vacuum Cleaner seamlessly combines traditional cordless stick design with cutting-edge features. Employing axial cyclonic technology, it maintains optimal cleaning performance by utilizing an air helix screw to accelerate air into the cyclone, effectively separating particles and removing dirt and dust from the air. The vacuum's ergonomic dual-grip handle ensures comfort during all-around cleaning, and the mini turbo brush efficiently tackles upholstery, stairs, and other challenging-to-reach areas.
Key Features:
  • Axial Cyclonic Technology: Ensures optimal cleaning performance by accelerating air into the cyclone, separating particles and eliminating dirt and dust from the air.
  • Maneuverability and Comfort: Easy maneuverability and user comfort are prioritized throughout home cleaning tasks.
  • Ergonomic Dual-Grip Handle: Provides maximum user comfort with a dual-grip, ergonomic design for all-around cleaning.
  • Brush Roll Button: Effortlessly clears hair and fibers with a single touch for convenient maintenance.
  • Mini Turbo Brush and Accessories: Includes a mini turbo brush, dusting brush, and crevice tool for effective cleaning in upholstery, stairs, and hard-to-reach areas.
Capacity (l)0.3
Warranty2 years
Runtime Upto (mins)50
Rod TypeFixed
HEPA FilterNo
Floor Head TypeStandard Head
SurfaceCarpet, Hard Floors, Rugs, Stairs, Tiles

i-Vac Ultra Pets Plus S30 Stick

Mary Maidment - January 2024
Very good at cleaning all areas especially cat fur traps. very pleased with it. Components are easy to change which speeds up cleaning time.

Robin Goossens - March 2023
Battery runs out quickly but overall a nice light weigh vacuum at a good price
The i-Vac Ultra Pets Plus Stick Vacuum Cleaner offers an unparalleled blend of performance, reliability, and convenience. With a brushless motor ensuring superior suction strength and a swivel steering power head for effortless maneuverability, this cordless stick vacuum simplifies everyday cleaning. Its built-in LED headlights illuminate the cleaning path, and a three-stage filtration system captures dust and micro-particles, contributing to a healthier living environment. The motorized power head, complete with swivel steering, enhances ease of use.
Key Features:
  • Brushless Motor: Provides superior suction strength for efficient cleaning.
  • Swivel Steering Power Head: Enables easy maneuverability, enhancing the vacuum's overall usability.
  • Three-Stage Filtration System: Effectively removes small dust particles and debris, contributing to a healthier living environment.
  • Built-in LED Headlights: Illuminates dark spots for improved visibility during cleaning tasks.
  • Mini Motorized Pet Brush: Effectively tackles pet hair, making it an ideal choice for pet owners.
Capacity (l)0.4
Warranty2 years
Runtime Upto (mins)Up to 24 minutes
HEPA FilterNo
SurfaceCarpet, Hard Floors, Tiles

i-Vac Animal S50 Stick

Bryce Wells - November 2023
Broken after a month, no suction.

Trusted Customer - October 2023
More powerful than I expected, easy to manoeuvre, cleans carpets and tiles efficiently. The dust bag isn’t very big so needs emptying regularly, but that’s ok. Overall I’m very happy with my purchase.
The i-Vac Animal S50 Stick Vacuum Cleaner, a rechargeable model with exceptional suction power, is specifically designed for pet owners and individuals with asthma. It features a motorized power head with bristles to effectively combat stubborn pet hair, ensuring visible cleaning results on all floor types. With HEPA filtration, this vacuum traps pet dander and other micro-particles, enhancing air quality. The 2-in-1 functionality allows for above-the-floor cleaning, and the foldable handle facilitates easy storage. The vacuum offers a runtime of up to 45 minutes*, and its built-in LED headlights illuminate dark spots for a thorough clean.
Key Features:
  • Motorized Power Head: Provides superior pickup of pet hair, embedded dirt, and dust for effective cleaning.
  • HEPA Filtration: Traps unwanted particles, including pet dander, improving overall air quality.
  • 2-in-1 Functionality: Ideal for above-the-floor cleaning tasks, adding versatility to your cleaning routine.
  • Foldable Handle: Ensures easy storage when not in use.
  • Runtime up to 45 Minutes: Offers a substantial runtime for extended cleaning sessions on low mode with the crevice tool attachment.
  • Built-in LED Headlights: Illuminates dark spots for enhanced visibility during cleaning tasks.
  • Ideal for Homes with Pets and Allergies: Tailored to meet the needs of pet owners and individuals with allergies, providing a comprehensive cleaning solution.

*Runtime on low mode with crevice tool attachment.
Capacity (l)0.25
Warranty2 years
Runtime Upto (mins)Up to 45
Noise Level (db)76
HEPA FilterYes
SurfaceCarpet, Hard Floors, Rugs, Stairs, Tiles, Glass

Sauber Technic Stick

A Logistics 1 Australia Pty Ltd - January 2024
Battery doesn't seem to provide power more than 15minutes continuous usage

Trusted Customer - September 2023
Absolutely brilliant product, great suction on normal mode, much better then the Vax stick I had previously.

Anita Burn - July 2022
Works very well, am very happy with the performance and attachments that came with it.
The Sauber Technic Stick Vacuum Cleaner is a cordless cleaning solution that combines top-tier performance, reliability, and convenience. Featuring robust suction power and HEPA filtration, it adeptly captures fine dirt while removing allergens from your home. This versatile vacuum easily transforms into a handheld cleaner and offers compatibility with various accessories for a thorough top-to-bottom clean.
Key Features:
  • Handheld Conversion: Effortlessly converts to a handheld cleaner for versatile cleaning applications.
  • Runtime up to 25 Minutes: Offers a runtime of up to 25 minutes on a single battery charge.
  • Swivel Power Head: Equipped with a swivel power head for powerful suction and maximum maneuverability.
  • HEPA Filtration: Captures dust, allergens, and other micro-particles, contributing to a healthier living environment.
  • Mini Motorized Pet Brush: Includes a mini motorized pet brush for effective cleaning of furniture and upholstery.
  • Wall Mount for Convenient Storage: Comes with a wall mount for easy and convenient storage when not in use.

*Runtime is based on usage across one battery charge.
Capacity (l).4
Wattage (W)300
Warranty2 years
Runtime Upto (mins)25
Machine Weight (kg)3.3
HEPA FilterNo
SurfaceCarpet, Hard Floors, Rugs, Stairs, Tiles

Best Bagless Vacuums for Pet Hair NZ (2024)

  1. Hoover Eco Pets Turbo - $350
  2. Hoover Regal - $999
  3. Hoover Dog & Cat - $169
  4. Hoover Allergy - $799
  5. Sauber Pro Pets - $499
  6. Hoover Conqueror - $299

Hoover Eco Pets Turbo

Shannae Ahmed - December 4, 2023
This vaccum is awsome its light to carry up and down the stairs, suction is perfect very easy to clean highly recommend

The - April 30, 2020
Everything as promised, vacuums really well, looks great as only buy white products for some reason, easy to clean, compact for storage. After using booster head, realised other one so ****, this picked up everything.i prefer this over a Dyson any day. Great value

Crystal - November 21, 2020
This is the best vacuum cleaner I’ve owned and I’ve had them all... electrolux x2, dyson stick, bosch x2 nilfisk x2 all in the last 8 yrs. Great bargain, good suction, and power head makes cleaning easy, this hoover is the cheapest of them all and will probably out live all those others.
Effortlessly tackle persistent pet hair on carpets and upholstery with the Hoover Eco Pets Turbo Bagless Vacuum Cleaner. Powered by a robust yet energy-efficient 1100W motor, this vacuum ensures exceptional suction power. Its specially designed deep-cleaning turbo brush floor head effortlessly lifts pet hair, providing efficient and quick removal. The vacuum features multi-cyclonic technology for increased airflow, contributing to its overall performance. With a washable HEPA filter promoting a healthier environment, and a generous 1.75L bagless canister for extended cleaning sessions, this vacuum offers both convenience and effectiveness.
Key Features:
  • Deep-Cleaning Turbo Brush Floor Head: Specifically crafted for quick and efficient removal of pet hair from various surfaces.
  • Multi-Cyclonic Technology: Enhances airflow, contributing to the vacuum's overall effectiveness.
  • Energy-Efficient Motor: Provides powerful suction while minimizing power consumption.
  • Washable HEPA Filter: Reduces maintenance costs and promotes a healthier indoor environment.
  • Easy-Empty Bagless Canister: Facilitates hassle-free disposal for added convenience.

Hoover® trademark is a registered trade mark of Techtronic Cordless GP and is used under licence.

  • This vacuum is a top seller in New Zealand due to its robust and durable design.
  • The excellent quality relative to its price is the primary incentive for choosing this model.
  • The powerful suction, combined with the turbo brush cleaner, performs exceptionally well.
  • It remains user-friendly and offers ample capacity for a bagless vacuum.
Capacity (l)1.75
Wattage (W)1100
Warranty1 year
Noise Level (db)73
Box Height (mm)0
Box Width (mm)0
Box Depth (mm)0
Machine Weight (kg)5
Cord Length (m)5.7
HEPA FilterYes
What's In The BoxBagless Vacuum Cleaner, Combination Floor Head, Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Instruction Manual, Turbo Brush Floor Tool, Upholstery Tool
SurfaceCarpet, Hard Floors, Stairs, Upholstery

Hoover Regal Bagless

Jean - September 13, 2019
I love this vacuum. We've had other bagless vacuums before, and my previous one was a Dyson. While we loved the clean on the Dyson, it was getting too hard to empty. The push button to empty on the Hoover is much easier. I also really like the power head. It's easier to move on carpets than the Dyson, and the hard floor turbo head is really good on our pine floors. We don't use that all the time but it's good for getting into the grooves. I like all the attachments too. The angle dusting brush is great for cleaning on tops of the cupboards and we like the long crevice tool too. The hose can be a bit tight coming out from the metal tube, but the salesperson showed us how to take it out easier by pushing it down a bit then pulling it out.ive recommended these to everyone, would buy one again!

Caroline Belmont - December 23, 2020
My experience of using this product both around my home and cleaning the car equals its promises of what it is capable of doing. Plus, due to the self-propelling mechanism, it doesn't strain your back, which is a huge plus.

Graham Wylie - July 1, 2018
Very efficient vacuum cleaner with many attachments. The best feature is that the power head slots into the main control rod easily without dangling cords. Easy to maneuver through rooms with a very long cord. The suction is very efficient and it is easy to empty the dust.
The Hoover Regal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is a premium solution designed for an extra-deep clean on carpeted surfaces. Its self-propelling power head, featuring height adjustability, effortlessly lifts dirt, dust, and pet hair for thorough removal. The vacuum includes washable HEPA carbon filtration, ensuring superior dust control. With an 11-piece Hoover accessory kit for hygienic multi-surface cleaning, bright LED lights for improved visibility, and a convenient one-touch empty system, this vacuum offers a comprehensive and user-friendly cleaning experience.
Key Features:
  • Self-Propelling Power Head: Features height adjustability for deeper carpet cleaning with minimal effort.
  • Washable HEPA Carbon Filtration: Ensures superior dust collection and contributes to a cleaner environment.
  • 11-Piece Accessory Kit: Includes deluxe cleaning accessories for floor-to-ceiling hygienic cleaning.
  • Bright LED Lights: Enhance visibility during cleaning tasks for more accurate and thorough results.
  • One-Touch Empty System: Simplifies the emptying process of the canister for added convenience.

Hoover® trademark is a registered trade mark of Techtronic Cordless GP and is used under licence.
Capacity (l)1.75
Wattage (W)1600
Warranty2 Year + 3 Year Motor Warranty
Noise Level (db)70
Box Depth (mm)0
Machine Weight (kg)8.52
Cord Length (m)8
Rod TypeTelescopic
HEPA FilterYes
What's In The BoxBagless Vacuum Cleaner, Combination Floor Head, Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Flexible hose, Instruction Manual, Power Head Floor Tool, Telescopic Rod, Turbo Tool, Upholstery Tool
Floor Head TypeMotorised Powerhead
SurfaceCarpet, Hard Floors, Stairs, Upholstery

Hoover Dog & Cat

Jessica Mills - July 26, 2019
This is still new & I've used it a couple of times with one word describing my experience - WOW. This cleans my carpets like I've never seen before, I use this mostly on hardwood floors and it pics up even the tiny grains of sand/dirt that would normally just be brushed over with a normal/ordinary vacc - Also a few different heads/attachments and love the turbo head for my carpets/mattresses too!

I would suggest that you clean all filters regularly and maintain the vacc the best you can and I can see this lasting a very long time & also - just wanting to confirm that this does have a latch for the hose to sit on/up for storage, the turbo adjustment doesn't have the clip though just for those of you who have stated that your unable to attach the hose to the actual vacc.

Tanishka - January 11, 2021
When I emptied the shell I couldn't get it back together & the instructions lacked the detail required. The hose unattaches often while I'm vaccuuming which is frustrating & emptying a bagless model is horrific!

Parker Way - July 3, 2021
I'm very happy with this vacuum the suction is fantastic and it is easy to manoeuvre. The only thing I would say is a slight downfall is the positioning of the handle. The position means that you're carrying the vacuum in an awkward position. In saying that it's not annoying enough that I would think of not getting another one in the future
The Hoover Dog & Cat Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is a robust solution specifically crafted for efficient pet hair removal. Featuring an air-driven turbo head, it lifts carpet fibers to effectively eliminate embedded dust and fur. The vacuum includes premium Hoover accessories designed to tackle every corner and surface with ease, ensuring a thorough top-to-bottom clean. With a HEPA filtration system to improve air quality, an easy-empty bagless canister for hassle-free disposal, a powerful 1800W motor for strong suction, and an intelligent blockage indicator for simplified maintenance, this vacuum offers a powerful and comprehensive cleaning experience.
Key Features:
  • Turbo Head for Pet Hair Removal: Lifts carpet fibers to effectively remove stubborn pet hair for efficient cleaning.
  • HEPA Filtration: Enhances air quality in your home by capturing fine particles and allergens.
  • Easy-Empty Bagless Canister: Facilitates hassle-free disposal for added convenience.
  • 1800W Motor: Provides strong suction power for effective cleaning.
  • Intelligent Blockage Indicator: Streamlines maintenance by alerting when blockages occur.
  • Premium Hoover Accessories: Designed for an effective top-to-bottom clean, reaching every corner and surface.

Hoover® trademark is a registered trade mark of Techtronic Cordless GP and is used under licence.
ModelVC-T4008 TURBO
Capacity (l)1.1
Wattage (W)1800
Warranty1 year
Noise Level (db)76
Box Depth (mm)0
Machine Weight (kg)8
Cord Length (m)4
HEPA FilterYes
What's In The BoxBagless Vacuum Cleaner, Combination Floor Head, Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Flexible hose, Instruction Manual, Telescopic Rod, Turbo Brush Floor Tool, Upholstery Tool
SurfaceCarpet, Hard Floors, Stairs, Tiles

Hoover Allergy

Liz J - February 7, 2024
This is a bestseller for a reason! I've been using a Hoover that I bought almost 12 years ago and while it's been great, it's a bit slow to pick up cat fur on my carpets. Vacuuming was taking too long because I had to go over and over the carpet (the fur is stubbornly embedded in it). I realised there was better technology now, like a spinning brush inside the vacuum head, so, of course, I had to upgrade! I'm so glad I did because 99% of the fur is grabbed in one pass which will save me so much time. The attachments are great and I find myself vacuuming things I never would have bothered with before.

Frith Stafford - January 29, 2024
This is my 2nd Hoover Allergy. The first one lasted about 8 years.
Although it was still working the motor was getting extremely hot after about 30 minutes using the power head so I decided to replace it.
It is a brilliant vacuum cleaner though.
It collects the finest dust particles and traps them in the machine.
The power head works well to vibrate the dirt from deep within the carpet pile.
The accessories that come with it are very well made and useful for many different cleaning jobs. I use them all regularly.
After 8 years all of the connections and hoses were still as tight and stiff as the day they were new so no dust escaping there.
The accessories also hadn't broken or showed excessive wear even though they were used every time I vacummed.
I've been very impressed with the Hoover Allergy for its cleaning ability and the overall quality.
That's why I bought another one.

Trusted Customer - January 10, 2024
I’ve no doubt it is a good vac but I’m not loving it yet. I’m going from an upright vac to this style and i find it’s taking a bit of getting used to
The Hoover Allergy Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is a deep-cleaning solution with exceptional filtration, making it ideal for homes with pets, children, and allergy sufferers. Its self-propelling power head gently vibrates on carpeted surfaces, effectively lifting dirt, dust, and pet hair. The handheld turbo tool is designed for efficient removal of pet hair from upholstery. The vacuum employs a four-stage multi-cyclonic system to prevent suction loss and securely contain allergens, contributing to a healthier home environment. With advanced multi-cyclonic bagless technology ensuring fade-free suction and carbon and HEPA filtration for superior dust and allergen collection, this vacuum provides thorough and reliable cleaning.
Key Features:
  • Self-Propelling Power Head: Removes embedded dirt and dust from carpeted surfaces with gentle vibrations.
  • Advanced Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Technology: Ensures fade-free suction, preventing suction loss during cleaning sessions.
  • Carbon and HEPA Filtration: Enhances dust and allergen collection for a healthier living space.
  • Handheld Turbo Tool: Effectively removes pet hair from furniture for comprehensive cleaning.

Hoover® trademark is a registered trade mark of Techtronic Floor Care Technology Limited and is used under license.
Capacity (l)1.75
Wattage (W)1600
Warranty2 years
Noise Level (db)70
Box Depth (mm)0
Machine Weight (kg)8
Cord Length (m)6
Rod TypeTelescopic
Rod MaterialAluminium
HEPA FilterYes
What's In The BoxBagless Vacuum Cleaner, Combination Floor Head, Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Elbow Nozzle, Instruction Manual, Power Head Floor Tool, Turbo Tool
Floor Head TypeMotorised Powerhead
SurfaceCarpet, Hard Floors, Stairs, Upholstery

Sauber Pro Pets

Sandra Charleworth - February 1, 2024
This is a very powerful cleaner - perfect for a home with dogs - and I'm pleased with the small power head attachment too - great for the car.

Wendy - January 27, 2024
Rated 4 as hubby thought it was a bit clunky. But I like the turbo head, it does exactly what it says it will, I find it easy to maneuver, it's light enough and the bagless cannister takes a decent volume. The only thing I find difficult, and we are an older couple, is switching the heads/attachments.

Kathryn Evans - January 24, 2024
Fantastic for getting up my Husky’s fur and the cats fur. Small fur attachment works great on the couch. Love it.
The Sauber Pro Pets Bagless Vacuum Cleaner combines a contemporary, stylish design with high-performance features, ensuring a thorough clean for your home. With a deep-cleaning power head and a hand turbo tool, it swiftly removes embedded dirt, dust, and pet hair from both floors and furniture. The vacuum's one-touch emptying system simplifies disposal, making it easy and mess-free. Bright LED lights on the power head enhance visibility during cleaning tasks, while washable HEPA filters contribute to reduced maintenance costs.
Key Features:
  • Deep-Cleaning Power Head: Effectively removes embedded pet hair, dirt, and dust for a thorough clean.
  • Hand Turbo Tool: Specifically designed for cleaning furniture and upholstery, providing versatility in cleaning.
  • One-Touch Emptying: Streamlines disposal, ensuring an easy and mess-free process.
  • Bright LED Lights: Enhance visibility on the power head for improved cleaning accuracy.
  • Washable HEPA Filter: Reduces maintenance costs by allowing for easy cleaning and reuse.
Capacity (l)1
Wattage (W)1100W (1200W with Powerhead)
Warranty2 years
Machine Weight (kg)8.27
Cord Length (m)6
HEPA FilterYes
What's In The BoxCombination Floor Tool, Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Hose Extension, Mini Hand Turbo Tool, Turbo Tool, Upholstery Tool
Floor Head TypeMotorised Powerhead
SurfaceCarpet, Hard Floors, Stairs, Tiles

Hoover Conqueror

Trusted Customer - January 22, 2024
Good vacuum, great suction, picks up dog hair from the rugs well. When emptying it I do need to pull the hair out as it gets wrapped around the middle cylinder, other than that I can say it's a worthwhile buy for a 5 bedroom fully tiled home with 5 rugs.

Shekiah Ibrahim - September 5, 2023
Fantastic vac as my last Hoover that lasted 13 years of almost everyday use! The new one has all the power I hoped for...I swear by this brand.

Lorraine Ferdinand - August 16, 2023
So far the product has been excellent everything the description said it would be the whole family very happy thankyou
The Hoover Conqueror Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful solution designed for individuals with allergies in small to medium households. Utilizing cyclonic technology, it ensures fade-free suction for powerful performance. The vacuum features an extra-large dust canister with a one-touch disposal system, offering convenient and hygienic emptying. With a four-stage HEPA filtration system, it effectively traps dust and airborne allergens. The inclusion of a turbo brush head makes it particularly efficient in removing pet hair from carpeted surfaces.
Key Features:
  • Cyclonic Bagless Technology: Provides powerful and fade-free suction for efficient cleaning.
  • Four-Stage HEPA Filtration: Effectively traps dust and airborne allergens, contributing to a healthier living environment.
  • Turbo Brush Head: Specifically designed for effective pet hair removal on carpeted surfaces.
  • One-Touch Dust Disposal: Ensures hygienic emptying, enhancing convenience during maintenance.

Hoover® trademark is a registered trade mark of Techtronic Cordless GP and is used under licence.
Capacity (l)1.2
Wattage (W)1200
Warranty1 year
Noise Level (db)73
Machine Weight (kg)6.2
Cord Length (m)4.8
HEPA FilterYes
What's In The Box2-in-1 Upholstery and Dusting Tool, Combination Floor Tool, Crevice Tool
SurfaceCarpet, Hard Floors, Stairs, Upholstery

Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair NZ (2024)

We do not recommend using a robot vacuum for pet hair, as their suction capacity is often inferior to that of regular or stick vacuums. 

While convenient, they cannot fully replace a thorough vacuuming, especially for deeper cleaning and when trying to reach smaller spaces. If you decide to invest in one, be prepared for a higher cost for a top-performing model.
iRobot Roomba S9+ - Best robot vacuum for pet hair
The iRobot Roomba S9+ is an intelligent choice for those who prefer not to vacuum daily and deal with a substantial amount of pet hair regularly. It's advanced technology justifies the elevated price. 

This robot vacuum excels in picking up pet hair, even from deep within carpets. Its mapping mode incorporates obstacle detection, preventing collisions with small objects and recognizing and avoiding pet accidents. 

The S9+ offers convenient control through a button press, smartphone app, or voice commands via Google Home Assistant. With a battery life of up to 120 minutes on a single charge, it proves reliable. 

Despite our high rating, it's not suitable as the sole vacuum cleaner; you'll still need an upright or stick model to complement its capabilities.

How to Choose the Best Pet Vacuum for You?

In terms of style and type, there are various vacuum options tailored for pet hair, including stick, bagless, and upright models. Your choice will depend on your personal preferences. Here are factors to consider before deciding on your new pet vacuum:

  1. Flooring Type:
    Determine the type of flooring in your home. Opt for a versatile vacuum that can adapt to different floor types, such as carpet and hardwood or laminate. If you have carpet, choose a vacuum with an effective brush roll to lift hair from tougher surfaces.
  2. Corded or Cordless:
    Consider whether you prefer a corded or cordless vacuum. Dyson's ball technology offers easy maneuverability, especially around corners, while a cordless vacuum is ideal for reaching hard-to-access areas and vacuuming your car.
  3. Robot Vacuum Cleaner:
    A robot vacuum is convenient for floor cleaning but may not replace a traditional vacuum for the entire home. It can be a stress-free option, especially if your pet is sensitive to the noise of a regular vacuum. Schedule it for cleaning when you and your pet are out.
  4. Bagless or Bagged:
    Decide if you prefer a bagless or bagged vacuum. Bagless options can be messier to empty but eliminate the need for purchasing new bags. Bagged cleaners may be preferred by those with allergies, but ongoing bag purchases can be costlier.
  5. Dust Bin Capacity:
    Check the vacuum's capacity, especially if you have multiple pets. Larger dust bins are preferable for pets that shed a lot, as hair doesn't compress in a vacuum like other debris.
  6. Suction Power:
    Ensure the vacuum has strong suction power, a crucial feature. While manufacturers may use different units of measurement, our list includes models with exceptional suction power to provide the best performance.
  7. Noise Level:
    Consider the noise level, especially if you have a child or pet at home sensitive to loud sounds.
  8. Brand Preference:
    If you have a preferred brand, major vacuum brands like Dyson, Hoover, and Tineco offer specialized vacuums for pet hair, featuring strong suction and allergy filters.