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8 Best pet insurances in Sweden in 2024

We've reviewed Sweden's 8 biggest pet insurance companies in English for ex-pats like us. We also examine the cost of pet insurance and discuss the documents you will need if you are either living in Sweden or just traveling with your pet.
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Updated Jul 11 2024
  1. Hedvig - Best price for cover, 365 day excess period, no binding period, annual health check included
  2. Petson - Highest benefit amount (175 000 SEK), free food box and feed subscription discounts
  3. Agria - Sweden's biggest pet insurer with the most flexible coverage, add-on and pricing options
  4. Lassie - No breed specific restrictions, cheap pet insurance options and no commitment period
  5. Furry Champ - English website and support, free online vet consultations, one size fits all plan
  6. ICA Försäkring - ICA is owned by it's members, get discounts with multiple insurance policies
  7. Svedea - No age requirements, add-ons and discounts for breeders, vets, hunters and therapy pets
  8. ManyPets - No longer offering new policies in Sweden
In Sweden, you generally don't need a BankID to insure your pet. However, a BankID will likely make certain administrative tasks or even logging in to the online services provided by the insurance company much easier.

When insuring a pet in Sweden, you typically need to provide personal information, such as your name, address, and contact details, along with information about your pet, such as its breed, age, and medical history. Some insurance companies may require you to provide proof of identity, which would generally be done using BankID but is often possible with other forms of identification.

It's advisable to check with different insurance providers to understand their specific requirements and whether BankID is necessary for insuring your pet.

BankID is a digital identification system used widely in Sweden for various online transactions, including banking, insurance, and other services.

Best pet insurances in Sweden compared

Compare pet insurance cover in Sweden

The conditions and treatments covered by pet insurances in Sweden are generally quite similar with the major difference between plans and insurers being between how much you are covered eg. how high is the maximum benefit and how low are the deductibles. 

Some pet insurers like ICA, Furry Champ and Petson only offer one comprehensive pet insurance plan while others like Hedvig or Lassie have several that range in how comprehensive they are eg. Basic, Standard and Premium. Then others like Svedea or Agria have a standard pet insurance plan with optional add-ons for things like life insurance or breeding.

Comparing all of the specific exclusions between all of the pet insurers in Sweden is a complicated task, given that each uses slightly different definitions and may have different caveats based on your pets age or breed. That's why we recommend getting 2-3 different quotes for your pet to compare the cover and prices offered and going from there.

Also think about your pet, their lifestyle, behavior and breed and if there are any specific conditions you feel are important to cover. Otherwise it is good to know what you should expect your pet insurance in Sweden to cover before comparing plans.

Common conditions/treatments covered by pet insurances in Sweden include:
  • Accidental injury
  • Illness
  • Cancer treatments
  • Joint and bone diseases
  • Unknown illnesses & hidden defects
  • X-rays and diagnostic scans
  • Medication
  • Prescription diets
  • Free online consultations
  • Veterinary visits
Less common or optional conditions/treatments covered by pet insurances in Sweden include:
  • Breeding conditions
  • Dental care
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Behavioral treatments
  • Emergency boarding
  • Overseas care
  • Lost/stolen pet compensation
  • Life insurance
  • Utility insurance (eg. for hunting or therapy pets)
Do note that if you are bringing your pet from overseas some conditions such as hidden defects may not be covered or may only be covered if you obtain a certificate from a Swedish vet first.

How much does pet insurance cost in Sweden?

On average, pet insurance premiums in Sweden typically cost between 200 and 500 SEK monthly, or 2 500 and 6 000 SEK annually, for a basic plan covering accidents and illnesses for a healthy young dog. 

However, more comprehensive plans with additional coverage options come at a higher cost, reaching up to 900 SEK per month for the most comprehensive plans

Keep in mind that these prices vary significantly based on the age, breed, and health of your pet, as well as the specific coverage options, annual benefit limit and deductibles you choose. Choosing a higher benefit limit can cost twice or even three times as much as a smaller benefit limit and similarly halving your deductible can double your insurance cost.

For cats in Sweden, pet insurance premiums usually range between 100 and 350 SEK per month for a basic plan covering accidents and illnesses.

What do you need to move to Sweden with your pet?

Here's a basic outline of the requirements for bringing your pet (cat, dog, or ferret) from outside of the EU into Sweden:
  1. Microchip implant: Ensure it is the international chip, AVVID, which is used in the EU
  2. Rabies vaccination and follow-up blood test for rabies antibodies: This must be done 120 days prior to your pet’s arrival in Sweden (Direct air transports from the UK, Ireland, and Malta are excluded from this requirement)
  3. De-worming: One week before your pet arrives in Sweden (Direct air transports from the UK, Ireland, Malta, Finland, and Åland are also excluded from this requirement)
  4. Veterinary certificate or an EU passport
  5. Owner’s declaration for pets
  6. Customs declaration: Reported for control at an EU Point of Entry
When coming to Sweden with your pet it's important to adhere to the guidelines provided by the Swedish Board of Agriculture to avoid any issues with customs. Failing to meet these requirements can result in you being separated from your pet while it is in quarantine for several months. You are also liable for this expense. 

When you arrive in Sweden, you also need to register your pet. It's a good idea to ring ahead or visit a local vet as soon as possible, as they can give you extra information and advice to help with your pet's move to Sweden. 

After your pet has been registered and checked in Sweden, you will be able to get pet insurance.

If you are traveling to Sweden with your pet

When traveling to Sweden with your dog or cat, it's important to understand and follow Sweden's regulations aimed at preventing the spread of infections outlined above. These regulations apply whether you're going on vacation, relocating to Sweden, returning from a trip abroad, or bringing a pet purchased overseas back to Sweden.

More specifically you will need a ID marker, vaccination certificates, and an EU passport for your pet. Additionally, you will need to know how to report your pet's arrival in Sweden.

You have to follow these regulations no matter how old your pet is and even if you're traveling from another EU country. And note that it's always the responsibility of the person traveling with the pet to make sure these rules are followed, regardless of whether they own the pet or not.

FAQ about Pet insurance in Sweden

No, pet insurance is not mandatory in Sweden. There is no legal requirement for pet owners to have insurance for their pets. However, many pet owners choose to purchase insurance to help cover veterinary expenses and other costs associated with pet care. 
Having pet insurance can provide financial protection and peace of mind in case of unexpected accidents, illnesses, or injuries involving pets.
In Sweden, vets are not free for pet owners. Pet owners are responsible for all of their vet bills including check-ups, treatments, medications, surgeries, and anything else you need to do to keep your pet healthy. 

There might be some help available if you're on a tight budget or for certain treatments, especially if you belong to a kennel. Otherwise, pet insurance is the best way to reduce the cost of your vet bills, although it also costs to have a pet insurance.
Pet insurances are very popular in Sweden, with over 65% of pet owners having some level of insurance coverage for their pets. This is according to a 2023 report and this number is closer to 90% for dog owners.
In total there are 13 pet insurance companies in Sweden.
  • Agria
  • Dina Försäkringer
  • Folksam
  • Furry Champ
  • Hedvig
  • ICA försäkring
  • If
  • Lassie
  • ManyPets
  • Petson
  • Svedea
  • Sveland
  • Trygg Hansa (Moderna)

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