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We are continually learning and gaining firsthand experience in various aspects of our lives, whether through our professions, interests, or purchases.

For example, as a vet, you may possess extensive knowledge about animals but might lack expertise with, for example, cars. This is where collaboration becomes valuable. Someone with 15 years of experience as a car dealer can provide valuable insights into making informed decisions about cars, while you can reciprocate with invaluable advice on pet care.

In an era where skepticism towards expert reviews is growing, many individuals are turning to the advice of real users and buyers. Platforms like Reddit, Facebook groups, and Google reviews are becoming more trusted sources. The focus is shifting towards sharing personal experiences and seeking opinions from others.

This trend extends to everyday financial decisions.

Your knowledge and experience can be beneficial to others, just as theirs can be invaluable for you. By getting in touch with us, you can contribute to creating honest and helpful reviews. The more people that are involved, the greater the pool of expertise we can all share.

About Comparesies

Having spent several years in the industry, we've identified three significant issues prevalent in comparison websites:
  1. Most sites are biased and care more about financial incentives then about helping their readers
  2. Most content is created without love leading to reviews that are generic, difficult to comprehend and/or unhelpful
  3. Most authors are rarely experts or rarely have first-hand experience with the products that they are writing about

Consumers deserve better. So, we decided to create the website that we wish we had. An honest and helpful comparison site for people with financial decisions to make.

We built this site for our friends and for our families. And it turned out that their own first-hand experiences were a vital source of information for our comparisons. That's how we got the idea to make Comparesies a community project.

Today, we have the chance to collaborate with experts and users to create trustworthy content that is filtered and approved by hundreds.

About the Team

How We Make Money

Comparesies is an independent comparison project. We review things for free, and without ads. But to pay our team some of the products and services we compare compensate us, including when you click on certain links on our site. This compensation does not, and never will, impact how, where and what we rate these products, no matter the financial incentives.