Why Did We Create Comparesies?

Working in the industry for several years, we observed three main problems with comparison websites:
  • Most sites are biased and care more about financial incentives then about helping their readers
  • Most content is created without love leading to reviews that are generic, difficult to comprehend and/or unhelpful
  • Most authors are rarely experts or rarely have first-hand experience with the products that they are writing about
Consumers deserve better. So, we decided to create the website that we wish we had. An honest and helpful comparison site for people with financial decisions to make. 

We built this site for our friends and for our families. And it turned out that their own first-hand experiences were a vital source of information for our comparisons. That's how we got the idea to make Comparesies a community project.

Today, we have the chance to collaborate with experts and users to create trustworthy content that is filtered and approved by hundreds.

We review insurances in New Zealand

Tower Pet Insurance
AA Pet Insurance
Cove Pet Insurance
SPCA Pet Insurance
PD Insurance
Southern Cross Pet Insurance

Who We Are

One Kiwi, one Frenchman and One Swede...

Comparesies was born not long after we first developed a friendship in 2021. Together, we have more than eight years of experience in the tech and insurance industries. Enough time to realise that today it's hard to find good financial advice online. So, here we are! With the first collaborative comparison site built by both industry experts and a community of real users.

Our aim is to provide comprehensive insurance comparisons, leveraging both our expertise and user feedback on an international scale. First, our focus will be on New Zealand, Sweden, and France.

The Comparsies Community

What you know might be crucial information for someone else.

We are all constantly learning and getting first-hand experience through our jobs, interests or the things we buy. Say I'm a vet. Naturally, I know a lot about animals, their needs and the concerns of their owners. But to go to work, I need a car, which is something I barely know anything about. But you, with 15 years of experience as a car dealer can help me make better decisions around my car and I, in turn, can give you invaluable advice when it comes to your dog.

We are getting more and more skeptical, trusting less and less the "expert reviews" we find in "top 10" articles online. And rightly so, we find ourselves instead turning to the advice of real users and buyers. We trust the nerds on Reddit, the mums in Facebook groups and the nice old men who take the time to write a review on Google. We are spending more of our time sharing our own experiences and seeking out the opinions of others. So let's do it for everyday financial decisions as well.

Your knowledge and experience is useful to others. And theirs will be useful to you at some point. Please write to us by clicking on this link and help us to create honest and helpful reviews.

The more we all compare, the more expertise we can share.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Comparesies is an independent comparison project. We review things for free, and without ads. But to pay our team some of the products and services we compare compensate us, including when you click on certain links on our site. This compensation does not, and never will, impact how, where and what we rate these products, no matter the financial incentives.
It's simple. Just fill in the form on the About Us page or send us an email and we will get back to you ASAP. Our community is growing so sometimes it can take us a couple of days to answer. Thanks for your patience. If you are working in the insurance industry, we definitely want to get in touch. We are thriving to help our users in the best way possible. Your expertise is really important for us.
In order to keep the highest content quality, all the contributors of the sites are approved once their background/ experience is fact checked. Why? We don't want our readers to read fake or dishonest reviews. You can easily become an approved contributor by applying on our About Us & Contact page.
We are 3 founders working almost full time maintaining the site, developing the comparisons, managing our partners and engaging with the growing Comparesies community. In addition to us, more and more users and experts are joining our team to share their experience and knowledge.